How do I remove my User Data?

You can remove your account and user data by doing the following:

  • Go to the "My Account" page.
  • Click the "Edit" tab:
  • Scroll to the bottom and find the "Cancel account" button
  • When you click the button, your account will be deleted and all content created as part of the competition will be anonymised.
Past Fixtures

In an effort to speed up the site, we will only show the last 5 rounds past fixtures.

The previous scores, results are all stored securely but not showing them all the time speeds up the site dramatically.

What if there is more than one winner?

Goods and services prizes;

Should there be more than one competitor with the same points, the winner will be decided by the person who has predicted the most correct scores. If the points are still the same after that, then the person with the most correct away scores will be the decider. If there still isn't a winner, then the person with the most correct home scores will win. If after all that....... it would only be fair for them both to win.

Money prizes;

If there is more than one winner, the cash prizes will be shared.

How will I know if I have won anything?

We will inform everyone via email if they have won a prize, irrespective of whether you are aware or not. Sports Rush will also feature the winners on our site for everyone to view.

What if I think Sports Rush has added my score wrong?

If you think we have, just contact us at ???????? and we will have a look, and if we have, we will thank you for bringing it to our attention and we will rectify your scores.

Is it complicated to work out if and how I have won any points?

Not really. We have explained how you win the points above.  When you view your games after the results have been entered by us, your score will be totaled and shown on the site. We will identify how you have won your points by showing different coloured balls, with the points you have won with the points highlighted on them.

Do I have to choose a score for all the sports if I'm only interested in one sport?

No. If you do not want to become involved in the other competitions on Sports Rush other than your favoured sport, there is no requirement for you to do so but, once you have entered any one of Sports Rush competitions, you are automatically included in every sport, and because our computer provides you with a score for every game you will be in with a chance to win any or all of the prizes from all the sports leagues, and you don't even have to do anything. We would rather you take a look at the other sports and have a go, but there is no need.

What is SportsRush?

The simple answer is Sports Rush is an online competition in which the competitors try to predict /guess the scores of the sports games that we feature on our site.  We developed Sports Rush to help promote the sports that we use on the site but, those scores can also help promote each individual clubs awareness in their local area. Sports Rush can also be used to raise funds for the sport or club itself.

How does it work?

When you enter Sports Rush you will be able to enter any sports available on our site. There will already be a score entered into that game by our computer, you are then able to keep the scores or change them to what you will. Each score that we use will be between 0 and 70 for Rugby games and ? and ? for Football games. The odds on someone being given the exact same scores by the computer are millions to one . This will ensure that each week you will always have a score should forget to enter one in any particular week.  If you feel you don't know anything about that particular sport, and you would like to use the computer given scores, rest assured that the score that is given to you will be just as likely to win you points as an 'experts' chosen score would do. As explained in the introduction above, the computer, in our 4 years trial, chose more than 50% of the correct scores on our site, so maybe there isn't any 'experts' out there then?  There are 12 different ways in which you are able to win points by guessing the correct score , near to the score or even if you get the score back to front you will still earn yourself some all important points. Those who have accumulated the most points at the end of the competition will win a prize. There will be monthly prizes too and plenty of prizes along the way to be won.

How does that help my favourite sport or club?

At the end of each competition, the winner will be able to nominate their favourite sports club, amateur or professional, or their associated charity, to receive£300

Your favourite club will also be able to use a version of Sports Rush' competitions which are called 'Unique Leagues'. The club will then be able to use any of the many competitions in the Rugby Football Leagues calendar. The club can have a Unique League using the World Club Challenge, the Challenge Cup, the Magic Weekend, the actual league competition that the club plays in, the end of season international competitions, any particular round of the season and many more. The club will invite you to enter and try to win a prize by predicting the scores. The prizes will be such as season tickets, replica shirts, match-day hospitality etc. The entrance into these leagues will be determined by the club, but Sports Rush will advise that the cost will be no higher that £10 for a season long competition and £5 for the smaller fast turn around competitions. After the cost of the prizes and expenses, the rest of the money belongs to the club. It doesn't cost the club any upfront money so they cannot lose.  So if we can say that 1000 fans enter their clubs Unique League, the club will take £10,000. If the same 1000 fans alone just enter a further 5 short turnaround competitions at £5 each competition, that will be an extra £25,000, so in total, the club will receive £35,000 for providing a fun competitive structure for their supporters to enjoy. The added bonus for those who join a club Unique League is that they are automatically entered into the free to enter Sports Rush's many competitions, in which there is a £20,000 prize on offer.

The club can make money from a Unique League, but how can Sports Rush promote the club and/or the sport that they play?

Well, the club do have to work and use their imagination for this, as do their fans and supporters.  For the clubs own Unique league we suggest that they ask one of their many sponsors, or all of their sponsors to provide a prize that isn't sports related, such as free holidays. free meals, Cineworld tickets, theatre tickets etc. It would be up to the club to promote their Unique League and the prizes to the wider population in their area and not just to the Rugby League community. If all the above mentioned 1000 fans persuaded just 2 others who don't follow Rugby League to enter their clubs Unique League, solely with the intention of winning the non sporting prizes, the club would receive an extra £10,000 but, because the Sports Rush uses the actual scores from the Rugby League competitions, those extra 2,000 entrants will take notice of the Rugby League results and the league standings of the competition they are competing in, and, if the prizes are attractive enough, these 2000 potential new Rugby League fans might want to take a look at the previous weeks results, have a look at the club website to see if their best payers are playing before they choose their scores. They might be interested enough to go to an actual game, (and how many of those who are introduced to a live Rugby League game don't want to watch another? Very few), and if 10% buy a season ticket and another 10% buy a replica shirt for their wife, husband, child etc, the club has a wider and higher profile than it did before.  Also don't forget, those who enter a clubs Unique League are also in the Sports Rush' free to enter competitions in which someone could win £20,000. These new fans will explore the Sports Rush site and see how many Rugby League competitions  we have have and the timetables of the actual sporting competitions.  Hopefully, they might start discussing and talking about the sport with their work colleagues, family and friends who don't follow Rugby League. How many of you have bought raffle tickets from another sports club other than Rugby League? If the raffle wasn't held that day/night, how many followed it up to see if they had won anything? Not many I am sure. With Sports Rush, not only can they follow the cost of their entry fee, but they can follow the sport too. They will look at the scores, at the leagues, at the clubs website, read the local sports section of their local newspaper, they might even start buying the sports trade papers. Sports rush will advise not only the new people, but those Rugby League fans too, to look at the many Rugby League sites such as Love Rugby League, Total Rugby League etc and see if they can pick up any information that might help them choose a correct score. We believe that Sports Rush will be an interesting avenue to introduce Rugby League to a wider audience.

Can I still win if I don't enter at the beginning of each competition?


We have developed an innovative system to allow for those who might not enter at the start. As soon as you enter, no matter whether it be at the start or 3/4 of the way through each competition on Sports Rush, the same computer that chooses your scores for you before you change or leave them, will produce the  scores for you for those games you have missed. It will then match them to the actual match-day scores retrospectively and award you with points that you would have won, if you has entered at the beginning. Unfortunately you are not able to win prizes retrospectively, but you can win from then on, and maybe win the £20,000. Fantasy games don't allow for entries to catch up after the start of their sports's seasons  but we do.  So if you want to help your club, boast about any prizes you may have won, and about the prizes still on offer and persuade another person to enter, no matter how late into the competition it is, because they still have a chance to win the main prize.

Can I have more than one go in any competition?

No, not in the main free to enter Sports Rush competitions, but, you can have as as  many entries as the club decides for their own Unique Leagues, but these might not be free to enter. Each league will allow you to choose  different scores from the main Sports Rush leagues, so you will be able to 'challenge' yourself by having a score in the main competition and then, choosing a different score in your clubs Unique League. There will be plenty of Sponsors who will be providing  free to enter Unique Leagues for you to join so, you could have many more variations of your original predictions.